CONSIGNMENT SALE 2015/2016: OCTOBER 17 & 18, NOVEMBER 21 & 22


Thank you for a great second sale!


PLEASE PICK UP UNSOLD ITEMS! you must pick up anything that did not sell by NOVEMBER 30TH.  Any items left after the 30th will be donated to the Chester County Special Olympics.  


What can you consign-

Skis, Snowboards, Bindings, Ski and Snowboard Boots must be less than 8 years old, undamaged, and meet current safety standards.  You may drop off older skis, and we will find a good use for them (ie our many ski fences throughout the shop) .  Ski and snowboard clothing must be current styles, clean, and undamaged.


What you cannot consign-


Rear-entry boots, boots-skis-boards older than 8 years, cross-country equipment, ice-skates, damaged equipment or clothing, sleds, skis longer than 180cm, straight skis, gloves, hats, goggles, and bags.  No promo boards/skis (ie the kind that belong on a wall or in a bar) No damaged equipment or apparel will be accepted!




Our consignment sale is a sale mentality, you will want to price equipment and clothing appropriate to this.  We will have staff available during consignment drop-off that can help you with pricing, ultimately you will decide on the price.  We will not change prices once items have been accepted into the sale.


You have two options for your payment-


You may take 75% cash back, payments are mailed once all your items sell or after the second sale. Customers electing the cash back option can expect a mailed check with two weeks.  You may take 95% store credit which can be used anytime on anything in the store, store credits are issued via a store card once all your items sell or after the second sale, customers electing the store credit option can expect a mailed card within two weeks.  Please note that if you are electing the store credit option, you are responsible for keeping track of your store credit. We can not reissue lost or stolen store credits.  Please have an idea of whether you want to receive store credit or a check when you bring your items to consignment drop-off.


What if my items do not sell?

If your consignment items do not sell at our first sale, we will hold them until the second sale, and they will be put back out for the second sale.  If your items do not sell at the second sale, you must pickup your items before NOVEMBER 30TH.  Items left after NOVEMBER 30TH are donated to a local charity  (ie: Special Olympics).


Wick's has the ultimate discretion whether or not to accept items for consignment!